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                                                                                                                                                   2016 年 8 月 第四期 双月出版

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           VIEWPOINT                                 FIGURES                                                                        STORIES                                                             SPECIAL REPORT

          引子 / INTRODUCTION                                   16    切实履行好“两学一做”的主体责任                                             人物 / FIGURES                                        范例 / MODELS

          01   日常见真章                                                Realize Responsibilities Of Implementing “TWO                                                                    56   传播 1000 万 +,解密迪士尼项目宣传
                                                                    LEARNINGS & ONE TO BE”                                      28    中国最高摩天大楼里的“地下特工”
               Every Day Counts                                                                                                       The “Underground Agent” In Top Skyscraper In China   Spreading To More Than 10 Million People,
                                                              18    “三强”并举转作风  党员担责促发展                                                                                                     Disclosure Of Disneyland Project Publicity
          微讯 / MICROINFO                                            Party Members Take Responsibilities For Further             32    渡堂海:我所做的一切,都是为了让建筑消失                           四方 / TRAVELLINGS
                                                                    Development With “THREE STRENGTHENINGS ”
                                                                                                                                     Haim Dotan: All I Would Do Is To Have The
          04   图说 ILLUSTRATION                                20    以学促做 知行合一                                                        Buildings Vanish                                58    法兰西三城记
          05   据说 NUMBERS                                             “两学一做”助推企业转型升级                                                                                                      Tour To Three Cities Of France
          06   资讯 NEWS                                              Promote Unity Of Knowledge And Practice And                  城事 / STORIES                                        61   南澳杨梅坑的海
                                                                    Transformation And Upgrading Of CSCEC With “TWO                                                                        The Sea At Nan’ao Yangmeikeng
          视点 / VIEWPOINT                                            LEARNINGS & ONE TO BE”                                       36   杭博:细节之中,大国风范                                   62   一处古村,黑与白交织的乡愁
                                                                                                                                      World Expo Hangzhou:                                An Ancient Village, Homesickness In Black
         “两学一做”   "TWO LEARNINGS & ONE TO BE"                 22    “组合拳”推进“红色到家、一站到底”                                                Details talk Even In A Big Country
                                                                                                                                                                                          And White
                                                                    Combine Efforts To Realize Efficient Result Of
          08   把“两学一做”学习教育抓紧抓好                                      “TWO LEARNINGS & ONE TO BE”                                  42   公开课 OPEN COURSES                               身边 / AROUND
               Make Effort To Educate Staff To Realize                                                                                不仅仅是一场会议
               “TWO LEARNINGS & ONE TO BE”                    专栏 / SPECIAL COLUMN                                                     Not Only For A Conference                      64    青春的故事
                                                                                                                                                                                           Youth Stories
          12   坚持学做结合  聚焦突出问题                                                                                                    43   酋长路,中建中东的扎根之路                                  记忆 / MEMORIES
               以学习教育新成效助推转型升级                                 24   大家 AUTHORITY                                                       Emirates Road, A Road With Deep Root For
                                                                                                                                      CSCEC Middle East Co.                          70    为了舰船早日驰骋海疆
               Combine Learning With Doing, Focus On               学习党章坚持马克思主义自信
               Deep-Rooted Problems To Push Forward                Study Party Constitution With Confidence In Marxism                                                                     Expect The Warships To Be Out To The Sea
               Transformation And Upgrading                                                                                      特别报道 /SPECIAL REPORT                                      As Soon As Possible
                                                                                                                                                                                     品析 / OBSERVATIONS
                                                              26    老孟 BY LAO MENG
          14   归本源 强基础                                                                                                           46   文昌 2016:仰望星空的大国力量
                                                                    组织                                                                Wenchang 2016: Power Of A Big Country,         73    深度文章 洞视未来
               Attach Importance To The Fundamentals                Organization                                                      Looking Into The Universe                            In-Depth Article   Insight Into The Future
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