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                                                                                                                                                   2016 年 6 月 第三期 双月出版

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           VIEWPOINT                                 FIGURES                                                                        STORIES                                                             SPECIAL REPORT

          引子 / INTRODUCTION                                   15    抢抓“营改增”政策红利                                                  人物 / FIGURES                                        四方 / TRAVELLINGS
          01   随事而制                                                 Seize Policy Dividends In Transition Of“Business            28    为巴基斯坦修一条“幸福之路”                                 58    马来西亚国别组工作手记
               Introduction  Adjustment According                   Tax To Vat”And Increase Capacity Of Creating                      Build Up a “Road Of Happiness”For Pakistan           Working Notes By Country Group In Malaysia
               To New Game Rule                                     Financial Value                                             32    吴宜夏:最美的风景在路上
          微讯 / MICROINFO                                      17    厘清责任体系  明晰管理底线                                                                                                   62   骑马放长调  入帐酒作歌
                                                                                                                                     Wu Yixia: The Most Beautiful Scenery Is On Road
                                                                                                                                                                                           Singing Mongolian Long-Tune And Drinking
          04   图说 ILLUSTRATION                                      Clarify Responsibility System And Make Clear                 城事 / STORIES                                              Wine With Locals
          05   据说 NUMBERS                                           Management Bottom Line                                                                                           身边 / AROUND
          06   资讯 NEWS                                        18    在税改实施中争先锋                                                    36   毛里求斯机场:从甘蔗地里起飞
                                                                    Try To Be Pioneer In Implementation Of Tax Reform
          视点 / VIEWPOINT                                                                                                              Mauritius Airport:Taking Off From Sugarcane Field  64  电影里的“中国建筑”
                                                              20    下放合同专用章破解“营改增”难题
         “营改增”   "BUSINESS TAX TO VAT"                              Decentralize  Usage Of Special Seal For                      41   公开课 OPEN COURSES                                     CSCEC’s Buildings Appear In Movies
          08   建立体系  落实责任                                           Contract To Crack The Problem During Transition                   起飞与降落之间,期待每一次相遇                                68    中建保安“励志哥”
               全员推进“营改增”顺利过渡                                        Of“Business Tax To Vat”                                           Expecting Meeting Every Time BetweenTaking           "Inspirational Brother" In CSCEC
                                                              22    用好“六化”                                                            Off And Landing                                      Security Team
               Set Up System And Responsibility
               Mechanism To Push Forward Smooth                     敏捷应对 PPP 项目“营改增”                                             42   卧龙故里架“卧龙”                                      69    我记忆中的“火把节”
               Transition Of“Business Tax To Vat”                   Quick Response To transition Of
          11   把握大势  聚焦大事                                           “Business Tax To Vat”Of PPP Projects                              "Crouching Dragon Bridge" In Hometown Of             “Torch Festival”In My Memory
               坚决打赢“营改增”攻坚战                                   专栏 / SPECIAL COLUMN                                                     Crouching Dragon                               记忆 / MEMORIES
               Follow The General Trend And Focus On                                                                             特别报道 /SPECIAL REPORT
               The Event To Win The Tough Battle Of           24   大家 AUTHORITY                                                                                                      70    援阿印记
               “Business Tax To Vat”                                                                                             46   在洋山,如何与大海、星辰、土地朝夕共处
          13   “五有”应对“营改增”                                         建筑业“营改增”面临的挑战                                                      Live With Sea,Stars And Land On Yangshan Harbor      Aid Project In Albania
                控制税负促“四化”                                          Challenges For Construction Industry In Transition                                                                品析 / OBSERVATIONS
                                                                   Of“Business Tax To Vat”
               To Be Efficient And Effective In The           26                                                                 范例 / MODELS
               Transition Of“Business Tax To Vat”,And               老孟 BY LAO MENG                                                                                                   73    一本“有味儿”的杂志
               Control The Tax Cost And Risk Through                激活                                                           56   新姿势玩转人才培养
               Standard And Stream Lined Management                 Activation                                                        Incentives Help Personal Training                    A Magazine With “Taste”
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