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                            2016 年 10 月 第五期 双月出版

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 引子 / INTRODUCTION  20  发展装配式建筑 推行工程总承包模式  30  老孟 BY LAO MENG  范例 / MODELS
 Popularize Assembled Construction With General   装配式建筑的大逻辑
 01  点亮梦想之灯  Project Contracting Model  Great Logic Of Assembled Construction  60  释放设计的力量
 Lighting Up Our Dream                                              The Power Of Engineering
 22  从香港装配到内地  风雨兼程十八载  人物 / FIGURES                          四方 / TRAVELLINGS
 微讯 / MICROINFO  Eighteen Years Of Effort from Hong Kong To   32
 The Mainland  谷山:海外先行者
 04  图说 ILLUSTRATION  Gu Shan: Overseas Pioneer               62    京都红叶之旅
 05  据说 NUMBERS  24  PS 钢结构装配式建筑大揭秘  36  杨延华:立足匠心,接轨国际             Trip Of Red Autumnal Leaves In Kyoto
 Secret Of PS Steel Structure Assembled
 06  资讯 NEWS  Construction  Yang Yanhua: Stick To Craftsmanship,   65  地中海边异国风
               Connect With The World
                                                                   An Exotic Touch At The Mediterranean
 视点 / VIEWPOINT  25  PC 混凝土装配式建筑大揭秘  城事 / STORIES             66   又见乌镇
 Secret Of PC Concrete Structure Assembled
 Construction                                                      Encounter Wuzhen Town Once Again
 “装配梦想” “Assemble Dream”  40  沙漠绽放“汉唐花”
 08  中国建筑构件厂分布图(2016)  26  全程信息化加持装配式建筑  Buildings With Han And Tang Dynasty Style In   身边 / AROUND
               The Desert
 Informatization In Whole Process To Supports
 Distribution Of Component Factories Of   Assembled Construction  68  中国建筑的世界奖牌榜
 CSCEC(2016)  45  用童心,书写科威特未来的体育故事
                                                                    Chinese Constructions Deserve World Awards
               Write Future Sport Story Of Kuwait With
 10  中国建筑从“深圳速度”到“敦煌奇迹”  专栏 / SPECIAL COLUMN  Children’s Heart  记忆 / MEMORIES
 CSCEC From “Shenzhen Speed”To   49
 “Dunhuang Miracle”  公开课 OPEN COURSES
 28  大家 AUTHORITY  最好的运动,最好的建筑                                70  “北图”二三事
 14   “三个一体化”破解装配式建筑发展难题  中国发展装配式建筑的启示  The Best Sports, The Best Construction  Feature Stories About Building Up “Beijing Library”
 “Three Integrations”To Resolve Development   Inspiration  Of  Developing  Assembled   品析 / OBSERVATIONS
 Difficulties Of Assembled Construction  Construction In China  特别报道 /SPECIAL REPORT
 18  绿色化发展导向施工现场装配化  29  中国建筑产业现代化进程需要行业平台引领  50  八年“抗战”筑路中非  73    中西合璧 伴你成长

 Green Construction Orientation Leads To Field   Industry Platform Needed To Lead Modernization   “Fighting” For Eight Years To Build Road In   Integration Of Chinese And Western Culture Makes
 Assembled Construction  Process Of China’s Construction Industry  Central Africa  A Successful “China Construction America”
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