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C O NT E NT              《中国建筑》                              内部资料 免费交流

                           2015年12月 第六期 双月出版

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 08-27  30-39  40-45                                                         48-55

 V I E W P O I NT  F I GU R E S  S T O R I E S                               TR AVE LLI NG

 引子   Introduction  01  穆迪:中国建筑的行业领军地位  20  老孟   Lao Meng  28~29  土库曼斯坦:镶嵌在大理石上的“黄金时代”               51
 是A2评级的基石                                                     Notes for Macao
 载舟覆舟,根在信用  国际信用评级的三点启示
 While Water Can Carry a Boat,   Moody’s: The Leading Position Of CSCEC   Three Enlightenments From
 Established Foundation For Its A2 Rating
 It Can Also Overturn It.   International Credit Rating       烟火人间话津城                                52
 Creditworthiness Is The Key.                                 Passionate City Of Tianjin
 惠誉:强大的政府支持助力中国建筑  22  人物   Figures              30~39
 微讯   Microinfo  04~07  获行业最高评级                               梁子湖岛游记                                 54
 Fitch Ratings: Strong Government Support   无为而治陆建新  30       Travel Note Of Liangzihu Island
 视点   Viewpoint  08~27  Assisted CSCEC Obtain Top Rating In The   Lu Jianxin: Success With Hands Off
 信达天下  8  屈培青 :关中民风建筑耕耘者                         36            身边   Around                           56~61
 Creditworthiness Earns   高盛:本次美元债发行在  23  Qu Peiqing: Guanzhong Folk   荟聚中海 一路精彩                    56
 Reputation Of The World  亚洲债券市场上具有里程碑意义  Building Cultivator  Excellent Performing Get-Together Of
 Goldman Sachs: This Issue Of Bond                            Staff Of CSCEC Overseas
 最高评级凸显中建在全国乃至  10  Denominated In USD Has Landmark   城事   Stories  40~45
 全球的领先地位  Significance In Asian Bond Market  “毒地”上的园博园  40    中非两地双城生活:中国 & 纳米比亚                     58
 Top Rating Shows The Leading Position  汇丰:完美的财务模型  25  Expo Park On “Poisoned Site”  Life At Two Cities: China And Namibia
 Of CSCEC Both In China And In The  是获最优评级的关键
 World.                                          45           任是无人也自香                                59
 HSBC: Perfect Financial Model Is   馆中的文明                     Natural Scent Of The Girl
 “海拓”之旅  14  The Key To Obtaining The Best Rating  Palaces Of Culture
 ——记首次国际信用评级及境外发债工作  瑞银:中建获最高评级为  26  记忆   Memories  46~47    萍姐的幸福梦                                 60
 Internationalization  落实“一带一路”战略加码                           Sister Liping’s Dream Of Happiness
 —Note On The First International   探路科威特
 Credit Rating And Overseas Bond Issue  UBS: CSCEC’s Top Rating Provides Value   Exploring Kuwait  我也是中国建筑一员  61
 Addition To Carrying Out Strategy Of “One                    I Am a CSCEC Staff Too
 标普 :品牌、执行和盈利能力、现金水平  18  Belt And One Road”  四方   Travelling  48~55
 助力中建获最优评级  中银国际:与中建并肩奋战的日子  27  请给我带一支郁金香       48            看见   See                              62~68
 Standard & Poor’s: Brand Name,   将成为团队的美好记忆
 Execution And Profitability And Cash   Bring Back To Me a Tulip Please  “身边感动走心拍” 手机摄影大赛优秀作品选登
 Earning Helped CSCEC Obtain Top Rating  Bank Of China International:
 Beautiful Memory Of The Team Working                         “Shooting The Touchy Moments Around
 Side By Side With CSCEC Staff  俄罗斯:莫斯科印象        50           With Passion” Selected Excellent Works
          Russia: Impression Of Moscow                        Of Mobile Photo Contest

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