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CONTENT                                                                                                                                    《中国建筑》                                    内部资料 免费交流
                                                                                                                                                   2016 年 4 月 第二期 双月出版

                                                                                                                                                                                               (京内资准字 1215-L0123 号)
                                                                                                                                                                                             地址:北京三里河路 15 号中建大厦 A 座 3 层
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           VIEWPOINT                                 FIGURES                                                                        STORIES                                                             SPECIAL REPORT

          引子 / INTRODUCTION                                   21    面向“五个企业”的新征程                                                38    孙传程:在莫斯科唤醒中国故事                                 64   初来乍到  请多关照
                                                                    New Step To Become Outstanding In Five Aspects                   Sun Chuancheng: Telling China Story In Moscow         First Arrive In Sri Lanka
          01   梦在前方,路在脚下
               Introduction On The Road With Dream            23    推进转型升级,打造“四商一体”                                              城事 / STORIES                                        66    粉墙瓦黛间的幽谷雅意
          微讯 / MICROINFO                                            Promote The Transformation And Upgrading ,                                                                             Elegant Traditional Anhui Style Buildings Of
                                                                    Incorporate Four Businesses Into One                         42   送给沙漠的明珠  送给患者的礼物                                     Hongcun
          04   图说 ILLUSTRATION                                24    加快转型升级,提升专业价值                                                     A Pearl To Desert   A Present To The Patients  67    长白山游记

          05   据说 NUMBERS                                           Speedup The Transformation And Upgrading                                                                               Travel To Mount. Changbaishan
          06   资讯 NEWS                                              Enhance The Professional Value                               45   公开课 Open Courses                               身边 / AROUND
          视点 / VIEWPOINT                                      26   笃行致远再出发                                                            Good Medical Treatment, Good Courtyard
                                                                   Restart With Sincerity And True Nature                                                                            68      “工匠精神”大家言

          开启十三五   OPENUP “THE 13TH FIVE-YEAR”                 专栏 / SPECIAL COLUMN                                                46   北京 CBD 地标成长记                                         Talking About “Craftsman Spirit”
          08   战略引领发展                                                                                                                 Beijing CBD Landmark Growth Record             70    最美建筑人之白与黑

               Strategy Leads Development                     28   大家 Authority                                                  特别报道 /SPECIAL REPORT                                      Respectable Construction Workers, No
          11   用规划激活战略  用战略管控运营                                    认识把握国有经济布局演变规律                                                                                                          Matter They Are White Or Black

               Energized By Planning Strategy Controlls            着力推进“十三五”中央企业布局结构调整                                           50   迪士尼:造梦者的奥秘                                     72    乡土歇后语 话糙理不糙
               Operation                                           Follow The Evolution Law And Push Forward The                                                                           Local Idiom Makes Sense
          17   把握战略机遇,协同集团力量                                       Structure Readjustment                                             Disney:Secret Of The Dream Maker               记忆 / MEMORIES
               再创中建海外业务新辉煌                                    30    老孟 BY LAO MENG                                               范例 / MODELS
               Seize The Stratigic Opportunity Coordinating         规划与目标管理                                                                                                          74    黄浦江畔“两万户”
               Cscec’s Strength To Create New Brilliance In                                                                      60   迪拜是怎样建成的?                                            “20,000 Households” On The Bund Of
               Overseas Operation                                   Planning And Objective Management                                                                                      Huangpu River
                                                                                                                                      How Dubai Was Built?
          19    以人为本厘定事业方向                                    人物 / FIGURES                                                                                                           品析 / OBSERVATIONS
                以匠人心筑实事业根基                                                                                                       四方 / TRAVELLINGS
                Determin Cause Of Orientation With People In   32   匠人翟筛红                                                        62   澳洲设计理念的人性光辉                                    77    关注热点 启迪思想
                Mind First,To Build A Solid Foundation With
                Heart Of A Craftsman                               Master Zhai Shaihong                                               Glory Of Human Nature In Australian Design           Focus On Hot Spots And Enlighten Our Thought
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