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                                                                        人物   Figures
                                                           30           冯远:寻找力和美的边界

                                                                        Feng Yuan in a Search of the Frontier
                                                                        between Force and Beauty

                                                           35           王连峰:和大厂房共成大器
                                                                        人物   Figures

                                                                        Wang Lianfeng: Succeed Along with Giant

                                                                        城事   Stories
                                                           38           东湖绿道给你 “诗意栖居”

 08                                                                     Donghu Greenway Presents You the
                                                                        “Poetic Dwelling”

                                                           44           城事   Stories
 视                                                                      匠心缔造青花传奇

                                                                        Craftsmanship Creates the Blue-and-
 VIEW PO IN T                                                           White Legend
 《中国建筑》  安全为天 Safety Overrides All
 2017年2月 第一期

 主编:周静  引子   Introduction  01  Strengthen the Systems   Enhance   专栏   Special Column  身边   Around
 执行主编:丁文龙  the Rewards   Stiffen the Penalties
 编辑:谢群 李智 刘鹏 万宁宁(实习)  “安全第一” 绝不是标语  Build Up the Supervisory Capacity   大家 | 把安全发展融入中央企业发展大局  26  首届中国建筑手机摄影大赛获奖作品选登  56
 发行:陈力行  for the Systematic Work Safety
 协力:刘薇 王永茜 陈鑫 靳晴   “Safety First” Is More Than A Slogan  Integrate the Safe Development into the Overall   Selected Winning Works of China Construction’s
 张倜 王姝    Central Enterprise Development                 First Mobile Phone Photography Contest
 “实训营” :安监强企的加油站  18
 微讯   Microinfo  04  “Training Camp” as Filling Station   老孟 | 当资本遇上安全  28  愿为砂石筑路基                61
 内部资料 免费交流  for Strengthening the Enterprise             Willing to Be Sands and Stones for Road Base
 by Supervising the Work Safety  When Capital Encounters Safety
 中国建筑股份有限公司主办                                            Construction
 (京内资准字 1215—L0123 号)  视点   Viewpoint  范例   Models
 地址:北京三里河路15号  “安全岗位实习制”  20                     48       记忆   Memories                           62
 中建大厦A座3层  安全为天  08  落实全员安全生产责任  广州马会项目如何拿到香港国际BIM大奖?
 邮编:100037  Safety Overrides All                         我与中建的一世情缘
 电话:010-88082838  “Internship Program for Work   How the Guangzhou HKJB Project Won
 传真:010-88082801  Safety Positions”Concretize The   the International BIM Award in Hong Kong?  Lifetime Affection between CSCEC and Me
 邮箱  坚守红线意识  保障安全发展  10  Work Safety Responsibilities
 Among All Staff
 Adhere to the “Red-Line”   四方   Travelling               品析   Observations                       65
 Consciousness and Guarantee the   23  像蚂蚁一样工作  像蝴蝶一样生活  50  万喜:释放协同效应
 Safe Development   安全在中建:责任心 + 执行力  Work as Ants and Live as Butterflies  VINCI: Release of Synergy Effect
 Safety at CSCEC: Sense of
 2017:夯实安全生产七大基础  13  Responsibility + Power of
 2017: Consolidate the Seven   Execution  行走斯里兰卡  52
 Foundations for Work Safety  Travel in Sri Lanka
 职业健康:不可逾越的红线  24
 强制度 重奖励 严处罚  16  Occupational Health: Red Line That   刚果(布)后来者记  54
 扫码关注  提升安全生产体系化监管能力  Cannot Be Crossed  Notes on Latecomers to the Republic of Congo
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